Child Sacrifice on the Altar of Guns Guns, God, and the GOP

“If there is any American exceptionalism, it is to tolerate the fact that schools in the United States are regularly transformed into bloody shooting ranges,”-France’s Le Monde newspaper

“Again, parents are distraught beyond measure.  Again, young children lay brutally slain.  Again, the GOP offers hope and prayers, and naught else.

I grew up with firearms, they were tools on the farm.  Tools designed for killing efficiency.  I served in the Army and ported my M16 or M203 as ordered for years. I support the 2nd Amendment and I also support common sense gun controls.

I think the parents of this era need to yank their children, nationwide, from “mandatory school attendance.”

To make school attendance mandatory when the neither the school, nor the state governments, nor the federal government can assure their safety, is lunacy.  To send your child to school in this epoch is to send your child into a potential war zone. No reasonable parent would do such a thing unless they were already trapped in a war zone. Yet many American parents are forced, by law and work obligations, into doing just that.

I think it is an unjust, and likely unconstitutional requirement, for parents to submit their children to a potential combat zone the government refuses to secure.  I think parents, all over the nation, need to sue the federal and state governments for a “failure to protect”.  A “failure to protect” regarding children is a charge of neglect.  A neglect which has ended the lives of far too many children, and which promises to do more of the same.

This is part and parcel of the evangelical right.  You know, the bible literalists who insist their understanding of an ancient text of unknown origin is the only correct one.  Other Christians are either “lukewarm” or misled by Satan, and non-Christians are by default misled by Satan and doomed to burn. These are, by and large, the segment of society which feels threatened by any talk of restricting guns, despite them always having been restricted.

I am talking about that segment of Christendom that has become politicized, better known as Christian Nationalism.  There are about 93 million evangelicals in America, and not all of them fit this descriptor, but far too many do fit. 

It was writ, “a man cannot serve two masters, God and Mammon”, yet the Christian nationalist does exactly that.  They make their religion and their politics one, and that is what they want.  They state it openly, a Christian nation.

America is not, and never has been a Christian nation despite being founded by mostly Christians and Deists.  Christians then knew what Christians today ignore, that they are not all the same.  They do not share very fundamental beliefs in Christianity, like how is one saved, by what means is salvation acquired, is there one God or three, are humans predestined to their fate, and more.  That is why there are so many denominations and why people, even in the same church, disagree about the finer points of the faith.

Many evangelicals have become Christian nationalists, which is a big deviation from evangelists in the 70’s.  Then they believed good Christians ought to be in the world, but not of the world.  Now they not only want to be in and of the world, but to control it politically, and turn it into a Christian theocracy.  A land with its laws based on the bible and the Christian faith. A Christian version of the Taliban for all Americans, no matter what faith they hold, if any, and whether they want it or not.

Makes me ask, “Which Christian faith would that be?”  Yours, or theirs?  I suspect their own, but we won’t see infighting among Christians for a long while, if at all.  They will turn the other cheek until their form of Christianity is outlawed. That is what happened to the Jews under Hitler. Many believed it would not be them, their group, their people, until it was.

Want to know what modern Christian nationalism sounds like?  Here is a snippet from last week’s sermon by Dr. Stella Gwandiku-Ambe Immanuel, one of Trump’s favorite very stable geniuses.

“Brothers and sisters, patriots, we are living in a time when there are two seeds in the world, the other seed is not human. And until we start realizing that we’re dealing with creatures that are not human, you keep thinking people like Pelosi and Biden are human.

 I don’t know where their human selves are. But the Bible says the devil will deceive the people of the world to create these images. So how does this deception take place? What’s happening to this seed?

 Listen, the devil will deceive them — that if you die, you’re gonna live forever. We will clone you, download your brain to the internet of things. And then we’re going to upload your brain back into that clone and you will live forever.

It’s a deception. Because you see, Bill Gates has been deceived. Even the elites of the world that we’re human beings have been deceived. Because if you guess what’s gonna die in 20 years, why is he trying to kill us? Why is he trying to preserve the world if he’s leaving in 20 years?

They have deceived him that he will live forever, that when he dies, they will clone him, but he will die or maybe he has already, and he will go to Hell. They will clone him! Alright, but what is going to live in those clones but demonic spirits and that is why their agenda is so evil.”

Democrats are villainized, called demonic, considered little more than human sock puppets for demons to use.  They are called baby eaters, the same thing the Nazi’s called the Jews.  They are called Pedophiles, despite the southern Baptist convention being littered with actual pedophiles that the church hid from the public, and its own members.  Southern Baptists are the largest sect of evangelicals, and they are calling the Dems pedophiles while they hide actual pedophiles?

There is a simple solution to firearms.  Training, qualification, licensing, and Insurance.  An American cannot rent a car if they are under 25. We do not consider them mature enough until that age; but you can by an Ak at 18 with no training, no psych eval, nada. 

That is what happened, an 18-year-old bought two AR’s and shot up another elementary school.  To defend guns over dead children shows these folks lack a moral compass. It is not broken or warped; it is absent. The only consideration the GOP has is money and power, which go hand in hand.  Yet these folks believe they stand on the moral high ground because they are evangelicals. How can one claim the moral high ground while standing over the corpses of dead ten-year-olds. 

Let me ask, what would Jesus do if his adherents allowed the wholesale slaughter of children over and over?  Would Jesus be tolerant of child sacrifice on the altar of guns?  Would God the Father be tolerant of child sacrifice on the altar of guns?

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