Roe and the Human Soul

Most Americans who want the Roe V Wade decision overturned are adamant on their position that “life” begins at conception.  They argue that abortion is murder.  That aborting a pregnancy is murdering a baby, and thus is as evil as evil can be.  Women who choose abortion are seen either as selfish, evil, or mislead by the Devil’s influence on the world.

In the Bible, a baby is a baby the moment it is born.  That is why there are special rituals which vary from sect to sect, to ensure a newborn baby is “saved”, or marked as a “Child of God”.  Many of these people believe that an aborted pregnancy is dooming a soul to Hell, or at the least, overturning the “Will of God.”  Since the woman is pregnant, pregnancy must be what God ordained, hence terminating a pregnancy is to thwart the will of God.

To many of these believers it is a grievous sin, which they seek to save the pregnant from.  They have been working on that for 45 years now, protesting at women’s medical centers, tormenting women seeking medical care because some of them may be seeking abortions. Such believers have blown up clinics and murdered doctors.

All of these things, most especially the most violent and extreme, require a belief in the human soul.  It is this very notion of a human soul, indwelt at conception, which allows the believers to see a zygote as a baby.  It is this ardent belief, which inspired and drove killers to bomb and murder.

The fetus becomes a baby at birth, before that it is a zygote, embryo, or fetus. 

Thus, by definition, no baby has ever been killed by abortion, because baby’s do not exist in the womb.  Before birth the fetus is part and parcel of the woman, an internal growth which feeds off the woman.

The similarity to a parasite is stark.

The human soul is a concept which runs through many religious and spiritual traditions.  A great many people, believers or not, nonetheless believe in the human soul after some fashion.  Religions treat the soul in various means according to their dogmas and traditions.  At it’s core a belief in the soul is a belief in the uniqueness, or specialness reserved for humans above all other things in nature.

There is no empirical evidence for the existence of a human soul.  No one can present one for study; give a soul’s weight, measure, and composition.  It is asserted by believers that souls are “spiritual”, which is another thing never shown to exist.  No one can present spirit anymore than they can present a soul.

Belief in the soul is a feel-good belief.  It is a belief that the individual is somehow special, more than what is all around them in nature.  A belief that despite physical death, the soul will live on, somehow, spiritually.  Religions fill in the how, so it varies by geographical area and faith.  So, if your American you likely learned, in some aspect, that there is a heaven and hell which souls retire to, because souls are eternal.

To me it is rampant egoism to think that humans are “above and beyond” all of nature.  To believe we are special is to believe we are better than all we behold in nature. That we are eternal while nothing in nature is.  That idea reeks of egotism, it is narcissistic in nature.  Mr. Singer would call it “Speciesism”, that is a belief that the human species is superior to all other species on earth, and all other, lesser species are but products for humans.

The Supreme Court seems all set to overturn Roe, which would make the laws concerning abortion up to the states.  This would make all woman’s “rights” vary from state to state, making them privileges and not nationwide rights under the constitution.  In 13 states there are trigger laws, and in 13 more states added new abortion laws to take effect the instant Roe is overturned.  All of these laws restrict abortion and all of these laws hang on that central idea of a human soul.

Not one of these justices can prove a human soul exists.  Not one pastor or preacher, or reverend, or priest can because belief in the human soul is an act of faith.  Faith as in believing in things which cannot be shown to be real, like souls, or anyone’s God.  They believe “by faith”, trusting in their religion or spiritual understanding.  They have no empirical evidence to present for they believe by faith.

Legislating against a women’s right to bodily integrity is mandating that faith into law and applying that law to all women, regardless of what faith they hold, if any.

All such bans imply that a “soul” is so precious it is illegal to terminate a pregnancy.  That these unborn souls belong to God, not the pregnant woman.  That ending pregnancies is killing baby’s, by ending souls, which is a sin.  As such, all such bans legislate the religion’s beliefs, as expressed through their believers in offices and in courts, onto the masses of their states, willy-nilly, irrespective of what beliefs the citizens may hold about the human soul.

This seems to me a violation of religious liberty.

Further, the fetus’s soul has more “rights” than the woman carrying it.  The Fetus/soul’s “right to a future life” outweighs the woman’s self-determinism.  Hence her soul and its decision are not of merit as compared to the unborn soul these believers legislated to protect.  Since that Fetus/soul cannot speak these believers have legislated what they believe about it onto all women, regardless of their beliefs about souls.

It is legislating spiritual/religious beliefs into hard law without a shred of evidence to prove the existence of the soul.  It is, by nature, theocratic law, cast onto those who believe in such things, and onto those who do not.  It is the believers forcing their beliefs into law, and forcing that law onto everyone in that state.  It is a religious ideology and burden placed upon the holders of that belief, and all others who do not share that belief.

It is a religious test, not placed upon those running for public office, but upon the public itself.

To say that the fetus is a soul, and that a soul deserves life, is to remove the woman from the equation.  It implies the woman’s souls is lesser.  It implies that the law dictates that the soul is so precious the woman must risk her life in pregnancy, endure pain and misery for months, have their genitals mutilated in a way few men have tried to conceive of, because her soul is of no consequence.  Even if the fetus survives and the mother dies, it is God’s will in the eyes of the believer.

Not so much for the wife and mother who feared having the resources to feed and clothe another child, and who because of a law writ by believing men, has lost her life and left three orphans.  Not so for the father, and relatives left to care for those orphans.  The idea that mothers would seek abortions seems to have never entered to believing justices minds, when such abortions account for more than half of all abortions.

It is anyone’s right as an American to believe in the human soul.  I do not believe in the human soul, that is equally my right.  No one can show me any evidence of a soul, hence there is no good reason to believe in one.  As I said it is a feel-good belief.

Humans, like every other living thing on this planet, are meat.  Sentient, self-aware meat, I grant you, but meat nonetheless.  What most see as soul I see as consciousness, and consciousness to me is my evolved and learned responses to stimuli.  Nothing special or supernatural about it.

“I” am a process running of the wetware of my brain, and if that is damaged, broken, or split, one’s sense of “I” can profoundly change. 

Without our brains, we are off, just like your computer does not run windows when it is powered off.  A head injury can make you “off”, or alter your very sense of who “you” are.  In death our brains are off.  I see no evidence to believe that somehow, we are magical, and despite being off, we go on.

I see no evidence of any soul, and thus I see ending Roe as inflicting upon all women religious ideas and beliefs about the human soul, even to the detriment or demise of the women involved.

Is it any wonder that those making this decision to overturn Roe are both believers and men?

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