Day two of Covid infection

Yesterday I got the chills, which rapidly became rather savage pretty damn quick.  That made me suspect a breakthrough Covid infection.  The rapid, at home test confirmed my suspicion. My plan was to go get the PCR test, the deep swab which is more accurate.

I shook with those bone deep shivers all night, while switching from roasting to freezing. By morning I had decided not to go for the PCR test, but to go to the ER, have them check my lungs and see if I could get one of the new antivirals, which must be begun shortly after infection in order to be effective.

By morning I had the most severe sinus headache I have ever had.  It was, and remains intense, waxing and wanning in endless waves of pain.  Covid went after all my preexisting ills giving me savage cramps in my feet all night.  It got into my hips, my neck and back and especially in my lower back.

At the ER I got a PCR test, but my symptoms alone had all the doctors convinced I had contracted Covid.  I am still awaiting the tests return.  I am now on Paxlovid for the next ten days or so.  They gave me Iv fluids and pain medication, and sent me back home because my lungs are clear, which is good news indeed and the result of being vaccinated and boosted.

The doctors told me that I will be miserable for the next 10-14 days, that is if I do not develop some form of Long Covid.  I have been laid low and hospitalized from H1N1 before, and while those experiences sucked, they did not carry the waves of pain Covid has induced in me.  I must agree with the doctor’s assessment, I am miserable and will remain so for the near future.

In one afternoon of bed rest I have managed to soak all my sheets, pillows and blankets.  I am covered in that nasty sick sweat, and as soon as I clean up, am covered again.

That is all I can handle writing today, back to my misery bed.

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