Day four of Covid 19

The Irony does not escape me.  For two years I recorded this pandemic for history.  I fully expected that if I caught it I would die.  Yet we created MRNA vaccines, brand new science breakthroughs in record time, springing from previous research into SARS. I got that, and boosted that, and managed to avoid the pox for over two years.  As soon as America decided it was not a pandemic when it still was, I decided not to keep up with the history, then I get Covid. Now that’s ironic.

It is however an inevitability for everyone on the damn planet as Covid has become too easily transmissible and asymptomatic.  We are a long way from that, so covid will just be our new, more deadly respiratory virus to add to the list.  The biggest risk will be to the unvaccinated.

America, in large part, chose to stick its collective head in the sand.  We ended mandated public health measures because a large swath of America simply would not follow them and keeps on screaming about their liberty being infringed.  Simply put, such a position puts your own personal sense of liberty over the lives of your fellow citizens. 

The notion is Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and it is not part of the Constitution, that is the Declaration of Independence.  Nonetheless note the order, life comes first because without it the others are not possible.  To value your personal liberty over the lives of your fellow citizens is warped; a skewed morality twisted to match your political tribe.  It is both unethical and immoral, to be so concerned over wearing a simple face covering that you willfully risk the live of the most vulnerable Americans because you do not want to be inconvenienced.

Today I lack fever and chills but retain an intermittent wracking cough.  The cough brings up phlegm the consistency of hot glue, disgusting, I know.  My back is my main issue today, aggravated by the wracking cough.  My entire household has Covid now, we all got it at once because it spreads asymptomatically.  No one noticed anything unusual until I got the chills and we all tested, and we all got sick.

Macy seems to have the least case, and if I had not gotten ill, I do not think she would have even noticed if she had it.  A stuffy nose and a few sneezes during allergy season raise no red flags.   Shane is sick as a dog, like I was the first three days.  I myself am nowhere near as ill as I was, I think in large part to the new antivirals I started on.

I have been upright today, not prone in bed.  I am not soaking my shirt every 2-3 hours whether I feel hot or not.  I am tired, and tire easily, but for the most part I seem to have passed the summit.  We shall see, many people got sick, felt better, and became sick again 5-6 days later.

I am a living example of the efficacy of the Moderna vaccine and the newly developed anti-viral drugs I am on.  Once again, I owe my life to the efforts of scientists I will never meet.  These people deserve our respect and admiration as they saved millions of lives with their efforts.

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