Covid Lingers

Covid has been said to have a lingering presence.  I can attest to that.  My quarantine ended on the 9th by CDC standards, on the 15th by VA standards, but for my son’s postal union it is five days after symptoms end.  By those standards I am still ill, and I believe I remain infectious.

Before my quarantine ended the majority of symptoms had ended, the worst is long behind me.  What remains is a horrid thick mucous as a post nasal drip.  It clings to the back of one’s throat and I gag, then retch and cough it out.  Problem is as soon as I do the pressure release and nature of the mucus itself simply reloads my throat as if chocked out nothing rather than a wad of nasty thick mucus.

For the first few days it was almost constant, each hack/gag lasting several seconds, and a reload being complete in 1-2 minutes after.  So over and over I gagged and retched with each event producing what I can only imagine is highly infectious waste.  Slowly over the days the rapidity and frequency of these event slowed, they never left.  I am still having them about ten bouts a day, with the reloads being much longer.

Covid lingers like that in my experience.  I do not have a clue when I shall be rid of it.  One can only endure and carry on.

Climate and Food

We have a problem, and it is not going to improve anytime soon.  I have spoken before about how climate is affecting food production.  Grains, globally, are in trouble.  Rice flooded out or droughted out in India and Pakistan, which for the first time ever will not export rice.  Ukraine’s wheat is hostage to Putin’s war machinations. 

Here in the States, we already have 33 wildfires over almost a dozen states, reduced water for all of the west limiting planting and a heat wave strong enough to outright slay 2000 head of cattle in Kansas yesterday.  Meanwhile Yellowstone has a historic flood, severe thunderstorms keep on spawning along the barrier between the heat wave in the south and what’s left of the jet stream in the heartlands. and I am in the high 50’s in June.

All of those things negatively affect both crops and livestock of all sorts, so it will negatively affect what food is available to us, and how much that food costs.  People would do well to revive the ole victory garden concept from the great depression and WW2.  Having a garden will offset your food costs.  I would advise that you start catching rainwater too, depending on where you are.

Jan 6 Hearings

As I expected, because we all witnessed it in real time, the Jan 6th commission keeps adding more and more evidence to show that not only did Trump incite the mob, but he also planned to incite it. I believe he hoped for just enough violence to give him the cover to invoke martial law.  Thankfully there was a real Patriot there, one whom I disagree with on just about everything and who kowtowed to Trump for years but in that last minute preserved our democracy by refusing to leave the Congress, VP Pence.

The mob was only 40 ft away, shouting to hang Mike Pence, and had just been incited further by Trump’s tweet.

I do wonder if those staunch, violent, “patriot” supporters of Trump realize, that they, were it?  I wonder if they grasp that if they had been successful, Trump would not have welcomed them as “Patriots”. Instead, Trump would have decried them as imposters, as Antifa, or what have you.  Then, since they had “taken” the capitol he would have had an excuse to declare martial law and sic the Marines on them, so he would be seen as a hero.  They would have been facing off against the Marines who would have orders to shoot to kill.  Any survivor complaining Trump would have decried as a lying rat.

Do you think his rank-and-file insurrectionist militia members understand they were his sacrificial pawns?

I don’t.

So, I shall watch as more evidence is revealed, more testimony of Trump’s own inner circle reveals still more evidence of sedition.  I think that if we do not have a rather wide net ensnaring both Trump and his enablers so that many are arrested and have to defend their actions in court, then we will have a much larger problem down the road.  If the bulk of them face no consequences for their actions to subvert the constitution and the will of the electorate, then they will feel emboldened to repeat it, and round 2 will be just around the bend.

Perhaps even the end of our 240-year experiment in democracy. The end of our democratic republic and its replacement with something much less devoted to the notion of personal liberty.

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